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Billing and Payment


Benton County Health Services provides a wide variety of services, from school-based nursing and immunizations to medical treatment, behavioral health services, public health services, health navigation and much more.

A fee is established for each type of service provided, even though there may be no cost to you directly. Total charges for service can vary greatly depending upon complexity of treatment and the extent of external services required like laboratory and radiology. Understanding that, we are happy to help you understand both what you need to pay and why. For details on the exact cost of a specific item or individual charge code, please contact the billing office at 541-766-6835.


We ask that you make payment on the day of service. You may pay your bill in person at the health center, by mail, or online.

Pay by Mail

Please send payment to:

Benton County Health Services
Attn: Billing
PO Box 579
Corvallis, OR 97339-0579

Pay Online

You will need some information before you pay. Click to see more…
  • Patient account number
  • Patient name
  • Credit card, debit card, or checking account information
  • Payment amount 

When you have your payment information ready, the following link will take you from this site to the Benton County Public Health payment page on the Point & Pay© website.

Payment arrangements are available to clients upon request. If you need help paying, then a financial consultant on staff can provide guidance and may assist in identifying and possibly obtaining financial assistance through third party programs.

We apply insurance payments on client accounts as appropriate. Any client payment will be applied to the oldest balances first.

Billing Services

Our Billing Services office employs insurance billers, medical coders, claim auditors, credentialing assistance, financial assistance, and check out staff, all working together in order to build the best experience for you.

Third Party Insurance Claim Submissions

We submit for payment to all government sponsored healthcare programs (Medicare/Medicaid/CCare, etc.) and most other commercial insurance payors. Certified medical coders both code and review every claim prior to submission. Claim auditors also review bills prior to submission and will provide insurance follow-up and problem resolution services in a combined effort with our clients, should any insurance billing issues arise.

Services for Underinsured and Uninsured

For underinsured and uninsured clients who are responsible for their own healthcare payments, discounts are available on a sliding fee scale basis. In order to calculate discounts, we compare monthly income to the national federal poverty level guidelines. Depending upon the type of service (medical or mental health) and the type of service provider (physician/nurse/medical assistant, etc.), we offer a reduced down to a fixed flat rate instead of or normal rates. (Regardless of the size of discount, any service provided under the scope of the Federally Qualified Health Center will incur at least a nominal charge.)

In order to maintain their eligibility, all clients seeking a discount must complete an income verification process annually.

Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program

The sliding fee scale is based on family size and monthly income which includes:

  • Gross monthly wages
  • Net income from farm and non-farm self-employment
  • Dividends or interest on savings, bonds, estates, trusts, or net rental income
  • Private pensions and annuities
  • Government civilian employee or military retirement payments
  • Social Security income
  • Public assistance or welfare payments
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Veteran’s payments
  • Alimony or child support
  • Student loan amounts in excess of attendance costs (tuition and fees plus an allowance for books, supplies, and transportation required by the course of study)
  • Military allowance for off-base housing and expenses
  • Regular contributions from persons not living in the household
  • Other cash income or allowance from any resources that are readily available to the household

Once you have completed of the income verification process, the discount and required flat rate charge for service may be provided.

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