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Get Involved

We love animals, and we want to be able to interact with them safely. Create a buffer around your pets and loved ones and know how to respond if you are exposed to rabies.

Examine how your home or business can get ready for the ways climate change will impact Benton County. Mirror the ways the Health Department is building resiliency and preparedness.

Get familiar with the crisis services available to community members who are struggling with their mental health. Support our efforts to keep Benton County residents well.

Find us in the community or add your voice to the conversations happening at our advisory committee meetings.

Take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones, including learning how to recognize and respond to overdoses.

Look into what to do if you want to serve food, and also see how area restaurants have done in their food safety inspections.

Harm Reduction helps people stay safe when they have sex or use drugs. Reach out to us about how to reduce harm.

Read up on the goings on with the Health Department and find new ways to engage with our staff and services.

Assess your own home and address the health concerns that you may find. Look here for tips on some lesser-known issues you may find – even in newer construction.

Get vaccinated – possibly at no cost to you – to protect yourself and your family, and to help build a herd immunity that protects us all.

Quitting smoking is hard! Guidance and resources are available if you’re ready to quit.

Find out what rules guide retail sales of tobacco. Help us keep tobacco, nicotine, and vaping products away from youth.

Keep your septic and well serving your family safely and reliably. Make sure new construction will support your ongoing wellness by handing wastewater safely.

Follow the progress as we build a 24-hour center to help people in mental health crises.

Help our community build resilience to climate change, and support our initiatives to reduce its impacts.

Support and contribute to health improvement efforts in the areas our community reported had the most opportunity for growth.

Find ways to contribute to a coordinated effort to ensure that everyone in Benton County has the opportunity to live in decent, safe, and affordable housing.

Our community is stronger when the diversity of all its members is supported.

Restaurant licensing and food handling certification keep our community safely fed. Find out what you need to do if you want to serve food, and how to submit your feedback about potential food safety violations.

Keep informed of what’s happening with the Health Department and the community.

See how Benton County Health Department is holding businesses accountable to keeping tobacco sales safer and better targeted to adults.

Check out these free locations where members of the public can seek shelter and safety during extreme weather events.

Our Advisory Committees and Boards help craft policy recommendations. Attend our public meetings or sit on a committee to join the discussion.

Our community’s heath improvement priorities are informed by community input, from Benton County and our regional partners.

What you have to say matters to us! Reach out via phone or email. See where to find us working in the community.

We work closely with service providers throughout Benton County to make sure our goals are aligned and our work is effective.

See when and where we are having the discussions that impact your health and wellness. Come find us when we are out in the community.

Attend a learning session and find out how to keep our community and loved ones safer.

Find out how Environmental Health helps restaurants keep their customers safe, send feedback, and get involved in the conversation.

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