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Disease Reporting

Requirements for Physicians and Providers

Oregon state law requires the tracking of communicable diseases in order to prevent and control disease outbreaks. To ensure the safety of the community, the law also requires physicians, healthcare providers, and labs to report all “reportable” diseases to Benton County Health Services.

A number of communicable diseases are reportable by physicians to local health departments in Oregon. See the posters listing physician-reportable diseases and conditions in Oregon. You can also reference the Oregon Health Authority’s Communicable Disease Investigative Guidelines.

Note: HIPAA allows for reporting of communicable diseases, which is required under Oregon statute (See more information on HIPAA).

How to Report a Disease

To report a disease to Benton County Health Department, call 541-766-6835 or fax 541-766-6197 the Benton County Health Department. Diseases requiring immediate reporting can be done through Benton County Health Services 24/7. If you call the main number (541-766-6835) after hours, then your call will be transferred to an answering service which will locate a public health nurse to whom you can report.

Contact Benton County Public Health’s Communicable Disease team directly by email at

What to include in a report:

  • Patient information
    • name
    • date of birth
    • race
    • gender
  • Patient’s contact information
    • home phone
    • work phone
    • address
  • Disease
  • Method of diagnosis
  • Date of onset
  • Lab test results
  • Treatment given
  • Possible source
  • Person making report
    • name and title
    • phone number
  • Attending physician information
    • name
    • phone number
    • comments
  • Hospital admission/ER visit date
  • Discharge date
Click here to view and download the disease reporting form.

Reports should be made to the patient’s local county health department. If your patients lives in another Oregon county, look up their contact information here.

Reports on out-of-state residents should be made directly to Oregon Health Services by phone or fax.

The Oregon Administrative rules that govern Disease Reporting are viewable here.

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