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Climate and Health

Combating climate change requires an integrated, regional response that builds on the shared vision and leadership of the region’s public, private and civic sectors, as well as the participation of all communities that live, learn, work, and play in the region. Benton County is in a unique position to advance solutions that address climate change.

2023 Climate and Health Adaptation Plan of Lincoln and Benton Counties

The plan aims to engage and empower the community to address the impacts of climate change on the people in our region, and build a more resilient and prepared community.

“We invite everyone in our communities to collaborate with us on adaptation actions that will strengthen our overall resilience.”

Letter from the Directors, Lincoln & Benton County Climate & Health Adaptation Plan

What’s included in the plan?

Addressing climate change is an important opportunity to rethink how we live and work. In addition to reducing emissions, our Climate Action Plan aims to:

Build climate change readiness

creating solutions that work for everyone in the county

Adapt and be resilient

to a changing climate

Health equity and cultural responsiveness

increase the County’s commitment

Improve health and wellness

of all communities

Learn about the connection between climate and health in Benton County:

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